You might remember…back in 2003…a little song called 99.9% Sure (I’ve Never Been Here Before). And maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Whatever happened to Brian McComas?”

Turns out he had a couple of other singles following that Top 10 hit, but eventually dropped out of music for a few years to raise his kids. Fast forward to 2017, and Brian again got bit by the music bug. He started writing songs again and eventually met up with guitarist Bart Walker, who had played with Lee Roy Parnell and Hank, Jr. The two of them began recruiting other musicians, eventually landing guitarist Scotty Bratcher, keyboard player Andy Smith, bassist Kieran Cronley, and drummer Matt Salvo. The six of them call themselves The Desert City Ramblers.

The Desert City Ramblers are smothered in a Southern Rock sound in the vein of Whiskey Myers and Blackberry Smoke. It’s definitely worth your while to give a listen to their debut EP, which is available now on the usual streaming outlets. In the meantime, check out their debut single “Hillbilly Rolling Stone”, which you can hear daily on K-101, or click on the video below

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