Jake Owen is coming to Chase Rice’s defense, after songwriter Abe Stoklasa called Rice a “f–king disaster” and told him to retire. Stoklasa has written the hit tracks “Fix” for Chris Lane and “Get to You” for Michael Ray.

Following Rice’s controversial concert in eastern Tennessee on Saturday, Rice made an official statement on his Instagram page. However Stoklasa attacked Rice, saying in part, “My whole industry hates you.”

An hour later, Stoklasa apologized for saying the whole industry hates Rice, but not before Owen weighed in, saying, “Hey @abestoklasa … you are a talented, smart guy. Why lower yourself to a post like this? It’s sad man. What you said is ridiculous. ‘Hate?’ … you’re gonna use a word like that, in a time like this? Chase is my friend. I am a part of this industry, and trust me it’s not just yours. I stick up for my friends. I’ve always thought you were a great musician, songwriter and voice. You are better than this. That was straight ignorant thing to say.”

Jake Owen Defends Chase Rice From Songwriter’s Attack

Via tasteofcountry.com

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